What's your favorite horror subgenre?
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If we're close, feel free to ask for my Discord or Battletag.
Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the web! This is my personal website, where I will practice coding and share my interests. I love to decorate, so over time this site will become more crowded as I fill it with fun graphics. Don't be afraid to reach out if we have anything in common- I love to make friends!
Toby/Artemy. She/He.
Nineteen. Transgay.
Huge fan of horror, especially splatters, slashers, and low budget movies with an average rating of one star. I also love paranormal lore, spirituality, porcelain dolls, antiques & trinkets, many genres of music, and much more.
song of the week!!!
parce que tu crois by charles aznavour